A New Class for a New Era

Nicky Finn ’21

 Programming is becoming more and more common in this day and age, where computers are completing complex equations and helping people access more and more. 

 Specifically, here at Berkshire, there is a brand new class that is teaching students how to be a part of the programming movement. The class, taught by Ms. Mendez Kennedy, will teach students critical thinking skills that will help them excel in not just the programming field, but at anything during their lives at Berkshire and beyond. 

 This class is very important to the Berkshire School community and for those looking at Berkshire. It shows that Berkshire is a proactive and modernising school and willing to add new classes to prepare us students once we graduate.

 The class will begin with the basics such as what  a computer is, how it works, and the parts of the computer. Right now, students are learning what certain parts do.  

 To show how much they understand students have been asked to make a project on Scratch, an open source programming software created by MIT. The project will show computer components and inform users of their purpose and where they are located on a computer. 

 The class will focus on both individual and group projects; these will compel students to use problem-solving skills to complete projects such as proposing app designs that could solve real-life problems. 

 Later on in the semester, students will also learn how to code in Python, a more complex language that is used for everything from websites to the development of applications. 

 With the outside world changing it is great to see the Berkshire is changing with it. Adding such forward-thinking classes that will help students excel in this ever changing world we all live in.