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A Week Dedicated to Education and Inclusion: WeWeek
Leo Yang ’22 March 1, 2022

 On Monday, January 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Berkshire community gathered in Allen Theater, kicking off the 2022 WeWeek celebrations.  WeWeek...

Student-Led Pro Vita Classes
Sanjna Srinivasan March 1, 2022

 Pro Vita at Berkshire is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated weeks of the school year. Aiming to embrace Berkshire’s motto Pro Vita...

Meet Your School Leaders!
Aidan Pesce ’23 December 15, 2021

   Every year, each from votes for two class presidents and the entire school votes for two all-school presidents. In an effort to provide...

The Importance Of Summer Jobs For High School Students
Melissa Schuermann ’24 March 1, 2022

 Although relaxing all day, sitting in the sun, and hanging out with friends 24/7 may be the most fun way to spend your summer, getting a summer...

Word Games are Back!
Word Games are Back!
Graham Hynes ’22 and Olivia Mirabito ’22 March 1, 2022

 Word games are back! And better than ever. The New York Times is dominating the word games scene with their extensive catalog. Since ​​Feb....

Students watching the sunrise the morning after Prize Night
Berkshire’s Top Ten Moments of the School Year
Topher Sharp March 1, 2022

Prize Night (The dance part) After an award ceremony in the Jack, the students shuffle down to the Stewart pitch, where a wedding tent is...

Everything You Need to Know About the 2022 Winter Olympics
Everything You Need to Know About the 2022 Winter Olympics
Lily Doggett March 1, 2022

 This week, nearly 3,000 athletes representing over 90 countries will travel to Beijing, China, to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games....

COVID-19 Global Update
COVID-19 Global Update
Danielle Page ’23 March 1, 2022

 Under the mountain, as Massachusetts rounds the Omicron peak and appears to be on the back side of the surge, it’s important for us to understand...

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