The Best of Halloweekend


Aggie Ryan '23

Berkshire Halloweekend 2022 has been one for the books: filled with delicious candy, thrilling dance moves, and spooky costumes! As we reflect on another memorable Halloweekend under the Mountain, it is necessary to shout out the 10 best costumes of the dance.


  1. Trevor Sullivan Weinstein – The Statue of Liberty 
  2. Aidan Pesce & Liz Della Penna – Batman and Anakin Skywalker
  3. William Van Nice – Gingerbread Man
  4. MK Braun & Coco Vaugn – Flo from Progressive & Jake from State Farm
  5. Morgan Murphy – FedEx Delivery Person
  6. Danielle Page, Sydney Burnett, & Libby Blodgett – Hell’s Kitchen
  7. Tiana Moran, Chelsea Coard, Divia Muppavarapu, & Jada Ihe – (Wo)men in Black
  8. Riley Russell & Maegann Thompson – Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter
  9. Olivia Feely, Alex Flynn, & Sofia Esposito – Gold Diggers 
  10. Izzy Blake, Abby Eselunas, Brooke Eselunas, & Emma McGowan – Prisoners