Spring Under The Mountain


Ellie Tiedemann '24

    Spring is here! As the most highly anticipated season under the Mountain, spring blankets Berkshire with smiles. The campus feels awake. The snow has been replaced by emerald green grass; the bare trees have blossomed. The breezy mountain wind is truly refreshing as students walk to class. Scooters, skateboards, and other fun transportation are used widely throughout the student body, augmenting the fun on campus. 

    It is clear that the warm weather and outside practices and games have greatly relieved students on campus. During the winter it is hard being outside all of the time; however, during the spring students are able to enjoy the beautiful campus that Berkshire has to offer. It is popular for students to come support friends and peers in their games, especially on a nice sunny day, enlivening school spirit.   

    Summer is creeping up, and the mixed emotions of being excited about summer but also sad to leave the campus for months are very much present. Spending final months with seniors on campus is bittersweet, and students are making the most of the rest of their time under the Mountain.