Pros and Cons of Social Media

Melissa Schuermann ’24

 Whether or not social media is a good extension to both teenagers’ and adults’ life has always been questionable. It’s been a debate ever since platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook came to the app stores. However, since everyone uses social media differently, there is no answer to the forever question: Is social media good or bad for you? The only person who can answer this question best is yourself. Therefore, here are some pros and cons of social media:


  • Can raise awareness to/of certain events 
  • Can bring job opportunities
  • Can make for better communication (long distance)
  • Can increase connectivity
  • Can find inspiration from it
  • Can be a marketing tool
  • Can be used to show off your successes 
  • Can better peoples’ education/promotes online learning


  • Can create an addiction
  • Can cause sleep deprivation
  • Can increases cyberbullying rates
  • Can promote false media
  • Can increases unhealthy usage (less family time)
  • Can increases depression rates

 Now based on what you have read, would you download a social media app or just leave the apps alone and live a social media-free life?

 The social media presence here at Berkshire School is noticeable. The main two platforms used every day are Snapchat and Instagram. Students use Snapchat to communicate with other students about classes, sports, etc, and use their Instagram accounts to share their favorite photos from campus with their friends and family. 

 I believe Snapchat is the most popular social media app here on campus. On my first day here, instead of being asked for my phone number to communicate with my new friends and dormmates, I was asked for my Snapchat username. We even have a large Spurr dormitory group chat so we can all communicate with one another; common texts include asking someone to unlock the front door, sharing news of free food and snacks, or requesting the dorm parent be informed that an individual is in a meeting and can’t make it to 7:45 check-in. I even have group snaps for classes so we can ask questions about homework problems or about what page we need to read up to for English class. As for Instagram, I use it every day, usually only to check up on my hometown friends. Sometimes I will use Instagram as inspiration for an art project or outfit. Other than that, Instagram isn’t as essential to my daily communication as Snapchat is.