Benson: Fresh Start to The Year With New Menu Items

Hannah LaPier '25, Staff Writer

 If you are a returning student at Berkshire, you are probably aware of the dissatisfaction some of our community felt with the quality of our dining hall food last year and the way it compared to pre-Covid Berkshire. This year, the diligent and hardworking Flik staff have stepped up their game with fresh, popular cuisine choices frequently popping up in the serving line rotation.

 I polled around campus regarding the improvements and students were eager to share their feedback. Arielle Vargas, ‘23, said: “I think the dining hall is being improved because they are bringing back some of the local food stations like the pumpkin alfredo.”

  Sam Forouzan, ‘25, agreed, saying:  “I think that they’re improving their quality by adding poke bowls and incorporating local ingredients.” 

 Some highlights of the new menu include pho and ramen bowls, burrito bowls, pumpkin alfredo, poké bowls and a new acai flavored water at the beverage station. 

 One thing people can all agree on is that it’s great to see the dining hall receiving our feedback and modifying their selection. One issue that came up frequently was a lack of options, despite the new additions. One student who would like to remain anonymous said:  “If you want to gain weight or muscle, there aren’t many options, more meat options would be great.” 

 On the other hand, Grace Monahan, ‘23, said that there weren’t very many vegetarian options, which can make keeping your meals interesting a challenge for people who choose to live meat-free.

 The dining hall is reinventing itself after the Covid years. Instead of attempting to go back to pre-pandemic food service, Flik is embracing change and trying new things to keep us eagerly anticipating what’s next while keeping the comforting favorites like dumpling day. While vegetarians, vegans and some athletes would like to see more options tailored to their needs, Flik is doing a solid job of responding to the individual tastes, restrictions and preferences of over 500 Berkshire community members. If you enjoy your meal at Benson, remember to thank a Flik employee!