Getting to Know Annie Hauser

Victoria Gagas ‘20

 Annie Hauser: Green and Gray leader, Regeneron STS National Science participant, and defender of Berkshire School teams. Walking around campus, Annie’s beaming, smiling, or hilarious greetings are obvious to see, but little may know just how aggressive and committed Annie is to protecting the net from opposing teams. Annie has been the goalie for Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Girls Hockey, and Varsity Girls Lacrosse. Safe to say, the net is in good hands.

 When not under the mountain, Annie is at home in White Plains, NY, most likely playing hockey with her brothers or hanging out with her dog, Lacey. Annie credits her competitive mindset to her brothers because while growing up, Annie always fought her brothers in “friendly” games of hockey, which pushed her to be her best self.

 Sports have always been involved in her life, starting from basically the moment she could walk: “I’ve been playing sports all my life. I’ve been playing hockey for about 13 years. I got into it because of my brothers (Shoutout to my younger brother, you’re a cutie) and my Dad always played with me. Some of my favorite moments of hockey are with my family.” When I asked Annie to elaborate on one of those moments, she described Sunday mornings as a time when “I used to skate with my Dad. One time my Dad just had the funniest chirps and I was laughing too hard to actually play well. It was such good vibes and just a great experience with my Dad and hockey.” 

 In addition to Berkshire’s varsity sports, Annie also played for CT Junior Eagles and Mid Fairfield Stars. Annie graciously states, “Without those teams, I definitely would not be the player I am today. They’ve helped me so much and I’m incredibly grateful for the people I met.” Both of those teams helped Annie commit to Hobart and William Smith College to play Division III Hockey. When I asked her about playing in college, her vibrant smile swiftly changed into a humble soft smile. In simple terms, Annie is highly proud to attend her future school. 

 As for the Berkshire Girls Varsity Hockey team, Annie is more than pumped for this year’s season. For her to channel her “game mode,” Annie explained how she blasts 2000’s throwback songs, saying, “I love a loud and fun environment before a game. Being in a quiet locker room only stresses me out, plus it’s a fun way to bond with my teammates and have a good time listening to fun songs.” Annie, along with the rest of her teammates, is looking forward to an exhilarating season. 

 For future bears, Annie wants everyone to know the importance of hard work and doing it not just for yourself, but for your teammates as well. In her final statement, Annie wants everyone to know that Berkshire’s Girls Hockey is an amazing opportunity to have that this school. “Everyone should take this advantage and utilize this opportunity. I used it to my advantage and I’m really happy that I did.” 

 Good luck to the 2019-20 Girls Varsity Hockey and make sure to cheer for the defender of the Bears!