Flik Critique

Basil Shillingford ’21

 Flik Dining has been the food service at Berkshire for multiple years. As time has passed, changes have been made to Flik’s menu, food quality, and dining hall atmosphere. All of these changes have been crucial towards developing the positive dining experience at Berkshire.

 With the 2019/20 year beginning, Flik dining has gotten an upgrade. Last year the school made a push to upgrade Flik from two to four stars; with this upgrade came a redesign of the dinning hall. Before the upgrade there were two lines, one for seniors or faculty and staff, and one for everyone else. 

 Last year the food in the two lines were, for the most part, the same. Occasionally there would be secondary food options in the middle, but that was normally at dinner. The upgrade created three options, one at each line and one in the middle. These options came, as in years past, with the standard salad and sandwich bar. 

 The school removed parts of the wall and repainted it, giving the dining hall a much more open and enjoyable feeling. Walking into the dining hall this year felt much more pleasant and relaxing. One feels like sitting down and enjoying something good to eat. 

 Lastly, the water section and coffee and tea section were moved into the walls next to each line, preventing students from building up in the center of the dining hall. 

 The upgrade to the dining hall created an extreme upgrade in quality of food, specifically meat. The meats taste distinctly better, with the flavors standing strong along with newfound tenderness. However, trimming more of the fat in foods such as the ribs would also make a large difference in the flavour of the meat. 

 Flik has of late consistently served good food that students enjoy; examples are the chicken nuggets/tenders, dumplings, pizza, and grilled cheese. Breakfast, however, could use some more improvements. 

 Food at Berkshire School is a necessity for students. While the upgrades this year have been a needed step forward, there is still room for improvement. Going to a boarding school with a high workload, stress can take a toll on students;  but having good food is a key morale booster for the student body. These upgrades to the dining hall are greatly appreciated by the student body and we thank Berkshire for making it happen.