Senior Bucket List

Victoria Gagas ’20

As we embark on our final year under the mountain,  it is easy for our seniors to take what little time we have at Berkshire School for granted. We have amazing academic and  athletic resources at our disposal, but to get the true Berkshire experience one must  step out of the classroom and take advantage of what is around them. Below are what I consider the unique challenges that will help truly shape the most incredible Berkshire experience. This list is a culmination of my personal Berkshire Bucket list along with contributions from my fellow bears. 

  1. Hike to Mount Everett and South Pinnacle
  2. Check out a book at the library
  3. Watch the sunrise at the turf 
  4. Make it onto the Berkshire School Instagram
  5. Bushwack to the cranberry bog for some amazing wild cranberries (Ask Mrs. Loose-Brown!)
  6. Try everything on the Roma’s menu
  7. Attempt to finish the sub-40 ice cream run
  8. Bike to Bistro Box
  9. Use the electron microscope at the AMSR lab (with permission and supervision)
  10. Become friends with a faculty member you don’t know that well
  11. Alternatively, enter Berkshire Hall through the art wing to avoid seeing a teacher you didn’t do the homework for
  12. Get on Allen Stage at least once
  13. Publish something through the Green & Gray Newspaper
  14. Write a letter to your future self 
  15. Stargaze at the observatory
  16. Teach a Pro Vita class/Go on a Pro Vita trip
  17. Challenge Mr. Mulder in a chess match
  18. Sit on the opposite side of the dining hall 
  19. Get into college
  20. Make Berkshire a better place to help future Bears