Berkshire’s Softball Team Revamped

Charlotte Turner , Staff Writer

Missing from the community for the past five years, softball as a spring sport has increasingly gained interest. Mae Archie’23 saw this peculiar school year as the perfect time to bring the Berkshire School softball team back to life. Recruiting Mr. Robert Meade and Mr. Stuart Miller alongside five girls to join her, Archie was able to bring back a team that many doubted she could. With games on the schedule, the team looks forward to an exciting season. 

In a recent interview with Archie, she says she was on a small softball team at her previous school, St. Lukes, and it was her favorite season she ever played. She wanted “to recreate the experience… at Berkshire so other kids can be a part of a team without feeling the pressure of having to win everything and really just being able to feel a part of something and enjoy it.” Driving that desire forward, Archie was able to send a slew of all-school emails and eventually gather enough people for her team to gain approval from Mr. Dan Driscoll. 

Morale is high between this group of girls and Archie thinks it will only improve. She mentions how they are at an advantage as none of them are graduating this year so they can continue to grow closer and move more into technical improvements as the team gains traction for next school year. Things are looking up for this mighty group of six and I am excited to see what they can do!