Meet your 2021-2022 All School Presidents: DeVon Thompson and Natasha Fertig


Samantha Bernstein , Editor

 A new school year means a wave of new leadership and Devon Thompson ’22 and Natasha Fertig ’22 are getting ready to be your new All-School Presidents! 

 Reflecting back on their junior year experiences, both DeVon and Natasha hope to emulate parts of Angela and Luke’s presidency this past year. While Natasha “admires their ability to work together,” DeVon looks towards “their ability to work with all students” to help build Berkshire’s community. Despite the specifics, both DeVon and Natasha are grateful for this year’s leadership and all they have learned in the process towards becoming Co-All School Presidents.

 Speaking towards the application process, DeVon reminisces on how “Berkshire has given [him] so much…and so [he] wants to do anything he can to give back to Berkshire.” Put simply, he wants to do good things for the place he loves. On the other hand, Natasha applied because she had specific ideas to help the school and through her extroverted personality, believes she can genuinely help the community. 

 As a number one initiative Natasha hopes to implement, she describes her idea of “community points” that were touched on in her application video. She believes that if “you get points if you’re involved in the’ll bring the community together, and by having this opportunity…we will have better leaders at this school.” DeVon also hopes to create a more close-knit community, part of which starts with haircuts: “Haircuts, first of all, for everyone. We need to find a way to get a barber here.” 

 Looking more broadly towards the future, Natasha expands on her hopes for next year, specifically for herself: she aims to earn “people’s respect and prove to them that [she] deserves this position.” She also reflects on how the class of 2022 is the last grade to have had a “normal” year, so we need “to bring Berkshire back to our core values and really prove to people that Berkshire is a place they can love.” Similarly, DeVon is excited to “reinstate a culture…restart, take a step back, and look at what we need from and for Berkshire.”

 After hearing both of their ideas, Berkshire should be very excited for what is in store! As a final statement, Natasha wants people to know that she “is really not a scary person so please come up to [her].” DeVon adds a few words of wisdom as well: “It doesn’t take a position to be a leader.” Congratulations, DeVon and Natasha!