Berkshire’s Intramural Sports League

Will Esposito '22, Staff Writer

 Thanks to Mr. Caleb Perez and Mr. Dan Driscoll, this winter there is an intramural sports league at Berkshire. Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to play other schools in competitions in winter. This league allows students to be able to escape and compete during these overwhelming times. The goals of the league are to be competitive, fair, and to have fun.

 This winter two leagues were offered: Futsal and Volleyball. Each team must consist of six players with a minimum of two members of each gender on each team. Each team can have a maximum of only two varsity players.  

 Teams of all genders, grades, and levels of experience allow for fair competition. Most games will be played on the weekends during free time so it’s an opportunity to leave your dorm and compete when you have nothing else to do.

 Unfortunately not enough teams have signed up yet, delaying the start of these leagues. If you’re interested but don’t have a team or you’re interested in creating your own, please contact Mr. Perez.