2020-2021 AP Art Students’ Sustained Investigations

Matea Beadle '21, Editor

Berkshire offers a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP) level courses across academic areas, including the arts. Usually after two or three years of classes in their area of interest, students have the opportunity to move into the AP Art curriculum. Unlike other AP classes, AP Art students do not have an exam administered by The College Board at the end of the year. Instead, students turn in a portfolio of 15 pieces based around their sustained investigation that is graded on the 5 point scale. 

The sustained investigation is a common idea or story explored by the students in their art, all of which are connected by an overarching idea. Their pieces are meant to show the story of the students progress throughout the year as they explore different media, themes, concepts, styles, and more in their art. This year there are 17 students in the AP Art program, split between 2D studio art, 3D design, digital art and design, and photography. These are the breakdowns of each student’s sustained investigations.


AP 2D Studio Art

Bowen Kittredge ’21: “The mental progression I have made in the recovery from my latest concussion, and what I have learned about myself and the world around me during this time.”

Gavin Lui ’21: Portraying emotions

Cora Brennan ’21: Dreamlike embodiment of feelings

Rachel Boardman ’ 21: Body image issues in charcoal

Ivanna Lagur ’21: a glimpse of the apocalypse

Michelle Rhee ’21: Pressure

Matea Beadle ’21: Humans and Nature


AP 3D Studio Art (Ceramics and Sculpture)

Mimi Arriaga ’21: “The impact of an abusive relationship on a woman through the usage of symbolism and expression, while exploring mixed media as a means to see this never endless cycle of pain and ‘happiness.’”

Michelle Rhee ’21: Pressure

Emily Bouvier ’21: Health and Diseased organs in clay


AP Digital Art and Design

Wakaba Aihara ’22: Social issues in the real and virtual worlds

John Fiore ’21: Mock soccer league

McKenzie Doyle ’21: Sneaker culture


AP Photography

Ava Cappella ’21: Relationships 

Hollis Churchill ’21: Identity through photo process

Rylan Kennedy ’21: Time and Age

Marco Wilson ’21: Isolation

Grace Wood-Hull ’21: Grids