From Application to Acceptance: A Recap of the 2023 Admissions Cycle


Danielle Page ’23

*Thank you to Danielle Francoline for providing statistics*


    Looking back upon three vibrant revisit days under the Mountain, it is time to celebrate another successful year of admissions in Chase House. The Green Key student team and the admissions team worked tirelessly this year as Berkshire received over 1300 applications. After months of tours, interviews, zoom sessions, and revisits, it came time for the team to choose between hundreds of interested and highly qualified applicants. 

    On March 10, 261 potential future bears opened their portals to an acceptance letter and congratulatory video. We saw many of these prospective students bustling around campus at the three revisit days, where they got the chance to attend classes and get a closer look at all that Berkshire has to offer. 

    After the culmination of revisit days, 127 students enrolled in Berkshire, ready to continue their academic journey under the mountain. Within this group, there is a 50:50 gender ratio, with 64 male-identifying students and 63 female-identifying students. These students represent numerous different states and countries, contributing their individuality and cultures to our student body. Beyond gender and cultural diversity, the 127 future students embody a wide span of academic, athletic, and extracurricular interests. Come next fall, they will be able to continue pursuing their interests while exploring a broad range of new endeavors. 

 As we enter the final few weeks of school and anticipate what’s to come, it is important to recognize the work that goes on behind the scenes at Berkshire. The admissions team has completed yet another tremendous year of tireless effort, making sure the future of Berkshire is in the right hands.