Senior Class: Most Likely To…


Evelyn Kim '26

The seniors of the class of 2023 have truly been through it all during their time at Berkshire! They have shared countless unforgettable moments together and are now preparing to embark on new adventures as they head off to college. It’s time to celebrate their achievements and honor their Berkshire spirit! In their final weeks at Berkshire, the sixth form voted on senior superlatives. Here are the responses we received. 


Most likely to be ID’d when they are 30… Aidan Pesce

Most likely to be late to their graduation… Zantia Anderson

Best Dressed… Spencer Robinson

Biggest Flirt… Chiara Pejacesevich

High school Sweethearts… Ava Galaburda and Harry Whitman

Biggest Diva… Prem Mahida

Most likely to work at Berkshire… Burke Bogardus

Most likely to be on a reality TV show… MK Braun

Dynamic Duo… Ezra Gould and Burke Bogardus

Most likely to adopt an alpaca… Clio Turner

Most likely to hit the lottery and lose the ticket… Jace Nacht

The cutest couple that never was… Geoffrey Dougherty and Norah Smith