Every Man for Themself: Last Bear Standing


Kiki Grace

    Jumping a whirlwind of hiding, chasing, and fleeing, the Berkshire Bears rose from winter’s hibernation into spring fun. This year’s Last Bear Standing was nothing short of revitalizing. 


    Walking across Buck Valley, one was always assured a good laugh or a jump-scare. Yet every student’s experience is unique. Here is what Bears, across all forms, had to say about the best part of Last Bear Standing.     


“Teaming up on people.” 

“Waiting and chasing.”

“The shock!”


“The adrenaline I got was super fun!”


    This Fifth former describes her greatest feat – and seconds later – her downfall: “I was running to CGR to get my person out. That’s when I got out. That was the thrill. The climax!”


    Most importantly, Last Bear Standing creates new friendships amid chaos and competition: “It was super fun. I met new people and walked with different people everyday.”


    After over a week of survivorship, Sean Connolly ’23 was crowned the Last Bear Standing, with honorable mentions to Adriana Echavarria ’25 and Mia Luna ’25 . The faculty Last Bear Standing was Mr. Donovan.