Doodle Review


Eye love this one. “It was on the cover of the English book.” -Anonymous

Clio Turner '23

Since the glory days of elementary school, I have never failed to appreciate the art of doodling in classes, on my homework, and every once in a while, during those awkward times when I have mistaken someone else’s  paper for my own. From the classic “flower around the hole of a spiral notebook,” to the admiral eye drawings that seem to have haunted everyone since their first popularization in 2015 Tumblr, no one in-class sketch is ever truly the same. Although at times an act of escapism, drawing on notebooks and homework never hurt anyone! In fact, what I have found is these scribbles often provide their creators the opportunity to create their own amusement from a completely blank canvas. And with that, it’s time for a doodle review.