Winter Carnival Recap: Celebrating the Season with Fun and Festivities


Catherine Yan ’24

Winter Carnival at Berkshire was an occasion to celebrate. Students and faculty came together to celebrate the winter season with a variety of fun activities, food, and games. 

On the eve of Winter Carnival, students of every dorm – Stanley, Senior House, deWindt, Buck, Godman, Allen, Mac, Spurr, CGR, and Eipper – participated in Trivia Night. Student Activities & Clubs Coordinator Dave Collopy exclaimed that “By all accounts, Trivia Night was a HUGE success!”, and shouted out “our DJs: Clio, Michkael, & Sophia, and the Faculty behind the scenes: Mrs. McKenzie, Dr. Burch, Ms. Rywalt, Ms. Hardcastle, and Mr. Splawn”.

The night of Winter Carnival was even more exciting. The evening featured a variety of games, including tug-of-war, human dogsled, dodgeball, and broomball. Students participated in the games with enthusiasm, cheering each other on and having a great time.

One of the highlights of Winter Carn

ival was the ice skits, where the ten boys and girls’ dorms pulled up to the Jack to perform their various interpretations of this year’s theme: Musicals

Godman started the evening off with a bang with an electrifying Wizard of Oz performance. Following up, Allen delivered a creative rendition of The Lion King. Eipper pulled up in penguin onesies for Happy Feet and deWindt told a story of the riveting between lost boys kidnapped by pirates from Peter Pan. Trevor Sullivan Weinstein ’25 captured the essence of snow queen Elsa at Mac’s Frozen performance. Buck pulled up with red lipstick and leather jackets for Grease. Stanley executed expert choreography in their riveting Hamilton performance and CGR and Spurr overcame technical difficulties to perform their colorful and lively Teen Beach Movie and Hairspray renditions. 

After Winter Weekend, Buck and deWindt were announced as winners of Winter Carnival. A big congratulations to Buck and deWindt, and a great effort from all the other dorms!

Overall, Winter Carnival was a wonderful event that brought the Berkshire community together to celebrate the winter season. From the winter-themed games to the ice skits, the carnival offered something for everyone and was a great way to kick off the new year. Thank you to everyone who came out and made the event such a success!