Think Pink


Lily Doggett

What comes to mind when I mention the color pink? Personally, I think of my favorite color, the prettiest flowers in the garden, or something very close to my heart, the national color for breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer is something I have been affected by since my mother, Sarah, was diagnosed when I was just one year old. Throughout her battle, my mother spent countless hours in the hospital receiving treatment, and there were a lot of days when she was too sick to leave her bed. That being said, through it all, my mom always had a smile on her face and served as an amazing role model to my two sisters and me as she pushed through her challenges and lived her life to the fullest. Additionally, my mother always tried her best to put the state of her health to the side and instead to focus on being the best mom she could have ever been. 

Unfortunately, after a long and tenacious fight, my mother passed away June 30, 2019. Although her death was hard at first, I have now learned that the best way to cope with her loss is to remember and honor her incredible life. For many years I wished I could have done more to help my mom; although I can no longer help her, I have come to realize that I still have the ability to help others. 

In September 2022, I decided to take action to both honor my mother and help those suffering from breast cancer by starting the Think Pink club here at Berkshire. The goal of this club is to spread awareness for breast cancer, as well as organize charity events throughout the school year to help raise money, which will be donated to different charities as a way to help people just like my mom during their fight. The club will simultaneously raise money for breast cancer research as a way to help doctors and professionals advance to the next step in finding a cure for breast cancer. In just the first few months this club has already helped organize one charity event, and I look forward to organizing more as the year goes on!