An Autumn to Remember

Kate Dorman '23, Staff Writer

 As the leaves continue to fall and the temperatures begin to drop, Berkshire Bears find themselves reflecting on another unforgettable autumn under the Mountain! From recitals to festivals to athletic events, this fall has been centered around community engagement, spirit, and pride. 

 COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the past few years under the Mountain. Between virtual classes, mandated COVID tests, and restrictions on social affairs, the Berkshire we all love and know underwent a series of drastic changes.

 However, this year, Bear Nation is back and better than ever. With mask mandates lifted, in-person classes resumed, and community traditions recommenced, the fall has been fun-filled and memorable. Here are some highlights! 

 For the Fall Festival, students of every form gathered on the turf in their designated form colors… fall themed of course! A series of friendly competitions were held, including pie eating, kickball, egg race, and spikeball! This was an event highlighted by community engagement and school spirit, making it a night to not soon be forgotten. 

 This year, Berkshire was proud to host the first ever Homecoming Weekend, thoughtfully organized by Mae Archie ’23 and the Football Team. The weekend kicked off with a football game against Worcester. Students filled the bleachers in their blackout attire and brought the energy. Although this was a close game, the Bears came up short in the end. The weekend continued with a ‘60’s themed dance the following night. The room was illuminated with students dressed in black, white, gold, and silver, dancing the night away!

 On October 18th, Bear Nation gathered in their designated locations for their routine form meetings. While each one began as a seemingly standard meeting, check-ins and to-do lists were soon interrupted by Mr. Mulder in a bear consume. Making the famous mountain day sign with his hands, he announced Fall Mountain Day. Students cheered and hugged each other, anticipating their fun-filled days to come. Backpacks were dropped in dorms and students headed out to hike, play sports, and spend time with friends. This was a successful day of stress-free fun! 

 After a long quarter, student’s anticipated a much-needed break from their daily routines. Families from all over the world gathered on campus to attend classes with their Bears, enjoy meals together, and attend music showcases and athletic events. After a Friday and Saturday filled with family fun, many students headed off campus for the weekend. Some Bears remained on campus, still enjoying a break from classes and making the most out of town trips and on-campus activities.

 In all, this fall under the Mountain has been memorable, filled with community togetherness and reconciliation after a long period of unrest. With fall quickly coming to an end, Bear Nation looks ahead towards a cold yet exciting winter in Sheffield and many more highlights to come.