Student Reception of Dress Code Modification

Isla Pearson ’24

 On top of classes, sports and homework, picking out an outfit that fits a strict dress code was one more thing for Berkshire students to worry about. Therefore, at the end of last year, a committee of students gathered to make changes to the dress code. 

 The addition of blue jeans has been a welcomed change for many, and the addition of Berkshire hoodies will be appreciated as colder weather approaches. 

 I asked several returning students about their experience with the old dress code. Aiden Pesce ‘23, felt that the new dress code does not impact his learning and that he has seen a positive change in his self confidence and self image since the addition of blue jeans and the removal of the second layer.

 He also spoke about feeling held back in options by the old dress code, and that many of his go-to outfits, long sleeves and blue jeans, would not have been possible last year.

 Charlotte Bonomo ‘24, agreed and articulated that while she appreciated the changes made, she would like to see sweatshirts that are not Berkshire brand allowed. She explains “I want to be able to wear sweatshirts I already own and not have to go out and buy a new one for class.” 

 I also considered the opinion of new students who did not experience the stricter dress code last year to see how they felt. Freshman Alex Gregorek felt that our dress code is more relaxed compared to other boarding schools, but stricter than she would prefer. She shared Charlotte’s sentiment about non-Berkshire apparel, and added that she would like to see leggings added to approved class dress. Alex Gregorek also emphasized that she would like to see more “set-in-stone” dress down days, such as on game days or for Saturday classes.

 Student reception of the new dress code has been positive, yet it is clear that a large portion of the study body would like to see even more relaxed options to help make their daily routines that much more comfortable.