Yayyy! Berkshire School Is a Lovely and Friendly Community For All Students to Share.

Celina Zhao '24, Staff Writer

When you see the sign that says BERKSHIRE SCHOOL, you are lucky. Congratulations, you have entered the best space on the whole planet. Berkshire school has long been known for its core value: sharing. This is a spectacularly welcoming space where everything is shared. Yes, you read correctly. I said EVERYTHING. You can take anything you want without worrying about the consequences. Keep in mind that this is not stealing. Berkshire students never steal; we share! You might have an empty hand in the morning, but at night, you come back with a handful of things you like. Isn’t this the best way you would want to live? At Berkshire, everyone is equal. It doesn’t matter if someone has better, and more expensive items. You can take anything other people own. It doesn’t matter if someone is more thoughtful and works harder. You can collaborate with students for all homework, quizzes, and tests. The teacher will even share the answers with you. You will be loved so much by students. You will receive lots of compliments. They will comment on how delicious your snacks are and how nice your outfit is. Everyone will carefully cherish your items. They will treat yours as theirs. That sounds wonderful, right?

Excitingly, you entered. 

As you make your way to your dorm, a group of boys stops by, “Hey buddy, nice shoes.” So just like that, your shoes are gone. Now you continue with bare feet. When you return to the dorm, you decide to wash your dirty clothes in the laundry. But later on, when you get your clean clothes from the dryer, your clothes are taken. Some other guys came and said they liked your clothes. One day, you forget to do your homework. And the teacher blamed all your classmates for not sharing the answer with you. Shame on them! At first, you find what’s going on at Berkshire strange. You ask: “why would people take other people’s stuff without getting punished?” “Why can’t they get their stuff if they like it?” 

But soon, you adapt to this environment. One day, you are showering, but you run out of conditioners. So you decided to use other people’s conditioners. One time someone liked your pajamas, and they took them, so you just went to the dryer and took another pair of pajamas from whoever. One night you are starving but don’t want to eat the dining hall food, so you go to the food shed and take a BBQ pizza. “Yummy! Other people’s stuff is always better than your own!”

“This is so nice to take whatever stuff you want! People don’t even have to buy anything!” You are obsessed with Berkshire now and want to make Berkshire a more shared community. So you made several suggestions: 

First, you suggest the school motto “Other’s Is Yours. If You Like It, You Take It.” 

Second, you mentioned that it would be more convenient for students to share and take items if the school tears down all the doors. 

Third, you recommended people keep their belongings all outside, making it easier for other students to see and take them. 

Fourth, you encouraged the school to eliminate all unnecessary security cameras. “We don’t need security cameras. Who steals here? We all love to share!”