Senior Class: Most Likely To…

The Class of 2022 has been through it all. 


We watched our friends leave for spring break, only for COVID-19 to cancel the remainder of the semester, and our past two years at school have been dictated by the restrictions of the pandemic. After living with each other for four years, most of which were spent in some sort of quarantine, the members of the senior class have gotten to know each other very well. Whether you’re a four year senior, or a post-grad joining us for your first year, you’ve made this community extraordinary. 


In our final weeks at Berkshire, the sixth form voted on senior superlatives. Here are the responses we received. 


Become a politician…DeVon Thompson

Cheer you up… Amanda Miller 

Be a fisherman…Pryor Sullivan

Be the fish… Sam Haskel

Become a millionaire…Logan Soffer

Send their kids to Berkshire…Sam Haskel

Wear sweatpants to a job interview…Connor Flanagan 

Marry their highschool sweetheart…Will Goldthwaite and Lal Celikbilek

Be on broadway…Phoebe Mulder

Be in the olympics…Charlotte Turner

Become the next bachelor…James Nemeth

Best bromance…David Oladeji and Tristan Land

Most changed since freshman year…Abby Vernali

Best school spirit…Amanda Miller

Best person to share a deserted island with…Ben Cabot

To get ID’d at 30…Natasha Fertig

Cutest Couple that never was…Logan Soffer and Anna Barbieri

Sleep through an earthquake…Will Onubogu