A Record Year for Chase House

Danielle Page ’23

*A special thanks to Danielle Francoline for providing statistics*


 After two years of virtual tours, drive-by visits, and zoom sessions, we finally got to experience three invigorating and successful revisit days under the Mountain. As we look back on revisit week and the positive energy it brought to campus, it is the perfect time to reflect on the record admissions year in Chase House. 

 The Berkshire admissions team worked tirelessly this year to recruit, support, and ultimately choose between a record number of (very qualified) potential future bears. With the amount of applicants exceeding 1400, this year was no small feat for the Chase House team. 

 We must recognize the unstoppable Green Key tour guide team, led by a strong group of Green Key heads. In a recent All School Meeting, we were able to commend Thai An Rosario ‘22, the “Green Key Head of the Year,” for her tremendous work organizing and giving tours.  Similarly, we celebrated Olivia Mirabito ‘22 and William Van Nice ‘23, our two “Tour Guides of the Year.” These two accomplished students gave countless tours and made a memorable impression on the families and individuals they toured. 

 When March 10th rolled around, over a thousand interested applicants logged into their Berkshire portals to receive the news. A selective and lucky 263 potential bears received acceptance letters and a video celebrating their accomplishment. 

 As we head into April, we have 124 confirmed future bears joining the Berkshire family in the 2022-23 school year. As of April 10, 801 applicants are waitlisted and continue the waiting game. 

 For the first time in Berkshire history, there will be a 50:50 male to female ratio in the student body. As stated by Mr. Mulder in a recent All-School Meeting, achieving gender equality is no small feat for the Berkshire community.

 As we enter the final stretch of the 2021-22 school year and look forward to the next, it is important to recognize an unparalleled admissions year and all the extraordinary individuals that contributed to such a success.