Harry Styles World Tour: More Than a Performance

Sierra Posey

An arena full of 20,000 strangers has never felt more like home. Boa feathers and sparkly pants scattered the room amidst bright lights and excitement floating in the air. Fans walked into Harry Styles Love On Tour 2021 hand in hand, butterflies dancing in their stomachs, eager to see the artist who has uniquely impacted each and every life in the building. 

The course of the 20,000 lives intersected at a pause for the hour and a half that fans gathered in the arena as family, with an appreciation for togetherness. I looked around when the crowd was silent, absorbing the radiant sound of the guitar chords before the singer began the first verse to the emotional title track of the album, Fine Line. Strangers cried on the shoulders of strangers. I held on to the people next to me that I didn’t know two hours prior to the show. 

The values of empathy and appreciation for individuality that this artist and his band radiate brought us together. I wished that this was how the world could be when you pass a stranger on the street or meet someone new in your community. Comfortability radiated the room as we danced around as he waved pride flags to the chorus of “Treat People With Kindness”. “Maybe, we can treat people with kindness and find a place to feel good.” The principles of the tour collectively came together when he reminded us to tell the people we loved and the people next to us that we loved them. The arena erupted in inaudible mumbles of love.

 Listening to the same artist creates an inherent community. Out of a realization that this was how the world could be, I took this with me when I went back home, to school, to work and to theater rehearsal. While Love On Tour is over, we can still choose love everyday. As I harness leadership, I hope to provide those around me with the encouragement to be unapologetically themselves, through continuing to live through the feelings I experienced at Harry Styles’ Love On Tour. I tell the people I love that I love them everyday. I encourage my communities to treat people with kindness and find their own places to feel good.