Euphoria Season II…Worth the Hype?

The cast of Euphoria poses together at the season two premiere

The cast of Euphoria poses together at the season two premiere

Isla Pearson ’24

 The award winning drama “Euphoria,” directed by Sam Levinson, first captured young adults and teens in America with its use of light, choice of music, and casting a range of talented actors. 

 It follows 17-year-old Rue Bennet who is struggling with drug abuse as well as the lives of the other students at her suburban high school in California. “Euphoria” resonated with so many people as it was not afraid to tackle tough subjects that are relatable to young people across the world, such as drugs, sexuality, divorce, and abusive relations. 

 But for some, they found that the show romanticizes drug abuse as it uses flashing light sequences and crazy party scenes to describe the sensation of being on prescription drugs. The counterargument to this is that Rue explores the dark side of drug use as she experiences an overdose, which affects her relationship with and trust in her family.

 Because of the hype surrounding the first season, many wondered how the second would stack up. The first season also left many plot lines unfinished, resulting in some questioning if the show would be able to tie those points off. 

 In the second season, we see that Rue has relapsed and is beginning to do harder drugs, which closes the plot of her sobriety from the first season. We also see the development of new couples and following the style of the previous season, the exploration of characters’ backstories, which is something that helps viewers form relationships with them.

 In terms of production, the music selection was very well done as it brought in songs from both well-known and unknown artists that matched the scenes well. The lighting is somewhat orange-toned, which intentionally and effectively fits the vibe of the show.

 Overall, regardless of if you were a fan of the first season or not, I highly recommend watching the second season! Or if you haven’t seen it yet, give it a try!