I Can Only Hold Freely My Speech


Berkshire School Smug Mug

Will Onubogu

Editor’s note: This poem was written by Will Onubogu ’22, and subsequently performed at this year’s Jazz Cafe. Below is a quick blurb from Will, followed by the poem.

 “This poem is completely written by me but inspired by institutions that promise to be better but in doing this are too fearful of sacrificing something of value whether it be their job or friends or other things. Instead, they result in not doing enough if anything to improve the institution. And so I write a poem in my perspective as if I was someone who can directly influence an institution, thinking specifically about Berkshire in my thought process. There are so many other interpretations that I have grabbed while writing this. And I know as a reader you will find more interpretations as well.”

If I was you,

I would hold a crescent as if if were a full moon against the sky for all to behold,

And allow the hell from the beneath,


Tough stains, and light stains,

Fore they are the same,

Not to be differentiated. 

If I was you,

I would not just greet,

But hold the hand of the most discouraged members,

And walk with them,

Beside them through thorns and thrown hatchets,


And greet obstacles with stern force,

Despite the risk it may pose.

If I was you,

I would spend time,

Drinking the elixir of an experience so drastically different from yours,

Get drunk, get wasted on it,

To the point you no longer can stand on your two feet,

Too may I do the same. 

If I was you,

I would change it all for the betterment of others,

Of the others,

And let the fire come to surface,

In all it is imagined to be,

And soon enough it will be quelled,

And left will be new life, new growth.

If I was you,

I would surround myself with contrarians, 


Who challenge my viewpoint, 

If I was you,

I would watch what values you hold, 

Job security,

Social status,

The elation of the affluent,

The demise of the destitute,

In the institute,

If I was you,

I may be threatened,

Nevertheless I will,

All in all be whole,

Not ripped between what is right,

And What is safe,

What is pushed by those in your class,

And what is pushed by those below your level,

To be brave,

And to be bold,

If I was you,

I would yearn to breathe in,

The same air that so many disgruntled members have breathed out,

To taste the uncomfortability,

To taste the pain that has germinated within,

If I ever was you,

This and many more I would wish to do,

But I am not,

I can only…  hold freely… my speech…

It is all up to you,

And many more will be you,

So why aim for longevity, and detribute… progress, 

If I was you,

I would hold a crescent… as if it were a full moon… against the sky for all… to behold,

And allow the hell from the beneath.