All-Freshman Allen: Dynamic or Detrimental?

 For the first time in Berkshire School history, a boys dorm is all-freshman. Allen dorm, located near Berkshire Hall and the home to many resources on campus, became an all-freshman dorm this year, ending the decade-long run of it being a mixed class dorm. 

 In previous years, Allen was a favorite for upperclassmen and seniors for a multitude of reasons. It had close proximity to all of the buildings in Buck Valley, as well as short walking-distances to athletic facilities and fields. Another appealing aspect of Allen was the social life in the dorm: It was known as the social capital of campus, and most students had visited at least once.

 Allen donned the nickname the “Wild West” because of all of the excitement and activities that went on there. Some of these stories and names even trickled down to incoming freshmen, as memories of fun and endless entertainment. However, Cooper Russell ‘25 thinks that things have changed: “It seems more boring than it used to be, and that it lost some of its charm when it lost the upperclassmen. Allen used to be an extremely social dorm from what I’ve heard, but now the vibe is much more relaxed and toned down.” 

 Another drawback from Allen becoming an all-freshman dorm is the fact that there are fewer opportunities to bond with upperclassmen, as the dorm isn’t mixed class. “It’s nice to get to know every freshman, but at the same time it would be nice to get to know and mingle with other upperclassmen in the same dorm,” Russell had to say.

 As Allen dorm became infamous for a variety of reasons, most would assume that having an all-freshman dorm would calm it down and change the negative assumptions and connotations of its past. Overall, their plan seems to be working well, with only a few minor bumps. Generally, Allen dorm seems to be moving forward into the future, as a more friendly, safe, and welcoming dorm.

 As we continue through the school year, time will only tell whether or not changing the dynamic in Allen will change it all together, but right now, it seems like Allen is on the path to becoming a better dorm for all Berkshire students.