Global Climate Update

Delaney McDonough ’23

    Climate change is a global issue that not only affects our everyday lives and our future, but the lives of all biotic species we share this planet with. If we look at the effects of COVID-19 on the environment, it has not slowed down the rate at which climate change is increasing, even with our quarantine periods starting in 2020. More recently, greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere have continued to rise and the global temperatures continue to rise as well, which will result in extreme weather, uncontrollable droughts, and colossal extinction.

    Despite these devastating facts, many countries have taken steps to tackle climate change. If we look at the U.S, we have taken some actions at the federal level to limit emissions by implementing new nationwide fuel-efficiency standards for cars and small trucks. If we look at the global scale, Kenya is turning invasive water hyacinths into biofuels that are then used for cooking. In Australia, the four biggest banks announced that they will no longer fund new coal projects. The Volvo car company will start to use fossil free steel from the HYBRID plant in Sweden to use in their cars.

    These are just a handful of the numerous good things that are happening around the world relating to decelerating climate change. We all need to take action now if we want to coexist with Earth and its diverse ecosystems, which is why acknowledging these small environmental actions is so important.