The new iPhone 13. What do you think?

Sydney Burnett ’23

 It’s that time of the year again. Many Apple fanatics are excited about the long-anticipated release of their newest iPhone model. Just last week, on September 24, the iPhone 13 was introduced featuring the largest screen display yet, longest battery life, highest efficiency, as well as camera improvement. But, while these advances do sound appealing, how big are they exactly? 

 Let’s begin with the unveiling of the largest screen display ever. In terms of structure and design, there are essentially no differences between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 except for this slight alteration in the screen display. Apple reports that the notch on the top of the screen is twenty percent smaller than that of the 12 and the iPhone 13 has a 28% increase in screen brightness. However, it is debatable whether these features are worth purchasing a new iPhone.

The various models of the iPhone 13 (iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, and the iPhone 13 Mini); photography by Apple and used by Gordon Kelly, a senior contributor at Forbes

 For many, battery life is the make or break of an iPhone model. While the 12 left us with record battery life just a year ago, the 13 Mini and 13 Pro pose a life of 1.5 hours more than each of their previous models; the 13 and 13 Pro Max document a life of 2.5 hours more than theirs. For this large change in battery life, battery sizes inside of the phone were subject to change. In the new models, the batteries weigh slightly larger. While the dimensions of the 12 to the 13 and their counterparts may be the same, the 12 Pro, for example, weighs 6.7oz compared to the 13 Pro coming in at 7.2oz.  

 The supposed camera improvement is also worth examining. Throughout the evolution of each of Apple’s iPhone releases, camera quality has often held the largest spotlight. However, with the roll-out of the 13, Apple claims that users will gain a completely different camera experience due to the lens letting in forty-seven percent more light compared to the 12. In tandem, the newest model features new traits such as “Cinematic Mode,” where the camera automatically adjusts focus while shooting videos as well as switches the focus of the lens between the foreground and background. 

 Despite being met with excitement since its debut, the iPhone 13 has recorded some negative feedback from some of its users; however, Apple claims they are all are “fixable” issues with an upcoming software update. 

 So, are these new features worth an upgrade? As surprising as it may be, the price increase from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13 models increases drastically less than between other sequential models. With purchasing 128GB of storage, the 13 Mini comes in at $699, the 13 at $799, the 13 Pro at $999, and the 13 Pro Max at $1,099. In comparison, the iPhone 12’s come in at around $100 less than their corresponding models, a more minor increase in price than presented in any previous releases. Do you want the iPhone 13?